2022 Aevitas Events Calendar is Here!

Karen Southwick
November 22, 2022
2022 Aevitas Events Calendar is Here!

There's always something fun going on in the Aevitas community, and we love spending time with all of you, both in AND outside of the gym! We have spent the past few weeks collecting all of our ideas and schedules together, and are finally ready to share our current 2022 events calendar!

Check out what we have planned below.  You'll find community and charity events, as well as local weightlifting and CrossFit/fitness competitions.  We've even dedicated an entire calendar to Spartan/OCR events, since we know there are many that our athletes participate in each year!

While these are complete lists *so far, please note that there are probably other events that will come up throughout the year, and we're here for it! If there are any that you see and you'd like to play a role in, feel free to reach out. Don't see something on the calendars but want us to do it?  Let us know that, too!

Aevitas Community and Charity Events 2022 Calendar

We wanted to start with this one, since it's the most integral to our overall community.  The calendar timeline below indicates what we have planned this year in terms of charity and community collaboration events. Some dates have been finalized, and some are still a little in the air.

Some new events you'll notice this year:

A Couple Changes:

Local Competitions Calendar - Fitness and Weightlifting

We want to make sure you have the information you need to plan your fitness endeavors this year! We love that many of our Aevitas Athletes like to compete in local CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions! Below is what is on our radar so far for local events that you may like to compete in or at least go to spectate and cheer on your friends!

Note that this calendar will definitely grow as the year goes on and local gyms announce their upcoming events and competitions.  We will stay up to date on all local competitions, and keep you in the loop! If you find out about one that interests you, please let your fellow Aevitans know as well!

Spartan and OCR 2022 Calendar

We know how active our OCR community is at Aevitas, and we LOVE it! We would love for this program and community within our community to continue to grow and thrive. The calendar below shows all of the races that our Spartan crew has their eyes on to complete as a group in 2022.  

If you're interested in attending any of these events, please reach out!  And while you're at it, try to join us for one of the weekly Spartan classes at our Round Lake location - you'll love it, we promise!

Not on the calendar below is an in-house OCR.  We are hoping to plan an in-house Aevitas OCR Event sometime this June.  Keep your eyes peeled for that announcement!

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