2022 Aevitas Triathlon - Final Results are In!

Karen Southwick
November 22, 2022
2022 Aevitas Triathlon - Final Results are In!

Great job to all the athletes who competed in the 2022 Aevitas Triathlon at Tawasentha this past weekend! It was awesome watching athletes from the Aevitas community as well as the local fitness community come together to throw down in this unique event!

Final results from the day are posted below.  Keep scrolling to see how you and your friends did!

NOTE: swim times were tracked for the Pro division only; as volunteers were able to see bikers come through the transition area, these times were also recorded.  However not everyone's swim and bike finish times were recorded, as we prioritized actual finish time scorekeeping above all else! If you don't see your split times, we apologize for not having this data for you.

Huge THANK YOU to Anna, who snapped some amazing action shots throughout the day!  Go check out the album HERE!

PRO Division Results

Below are the final results from the Pro division. These athletes swam in the pool, then biked along the Tawasentha Park road, then finally ran through the trails to end up back at the pool parking lot.

AMATEUR Division Results

Racers who went for the Amateur division chose to use the Ski Erg in place of swimming in the pool, and used the Assault Bikes instead of biking on the park road. The Ski Erg was standardized to 2k distance, and the Assault Bike was standardized to 15k. Amateur athletes ended with the same trail run as the other divisions.

MIXED Division Results

Athletes in the Mixed division chose to either use the Ski Erg instead of swimming in the pool, OR chose to use an Assault Bike instead of biking the park road. Since athletes were able to choose which leg of the race they used gym equipment for, there was no official awards ceremony for these athletes.  However, each and every Mixed Division athlete came out and did their very best - which is incredible!  

Congratulations to all finishers of this year's Aevitas Triathlon!

If you're interested in competing in this event next year - we're planning to bring it back in the Spring!  So keep your eyes out for that, and keep that training up!

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