CrossFit On-Ramp Course - From VF to CF

Karen Southwick
November 22, 2022
CrossFit On-Ramp Course - From VF to CF

Our next CrossFit On-Ramp Course is on the calendar for the Aevitas Guilderland location! This post is all about our CrossFit On-Ramp Program, the method we use to bring our current ViTaFIT athletes into the world of CrossFit.

If you're currently a ViTaFIT athlete and are thinking about making the jump to CrossFit, this post is for you! Even if you're not in VF, or not interested at this moment in moving to CF, this post may provide you with some helpful insight into our goals and methodologies for each of these programs. So keep reading!

And of course if this post piques your interest in ViTaFIT, CrossFit, or anything else, get in touch with us!

Nuts & Bolts of the CrossFit On-Ramp Course:

The course includes 4 mandatory sessions with a coach to cover the CrossFit On-Ramp curriculum. Generally these will be held during the evening directly before or after a ViTaFIT class.

We will also include one make-up session if you cannot attend the regularly-scheduled sessions.  The make-up is generally the following weekend, directly following the weekend ViTaFIT class.

Cost of the program is $129 for the 4 sessions (including any make-up sessions as needed)


Aevitas Round Lake:



The Beginning: ViTaFIT is a Program for ALL!

At Aevitas, our bread-and-butter is CrossFit programming. This is the method of group training we built this gym on, and more than six years in we are still committed to the constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity that CrossFit training is all about.

If you’re a new athlete starting at Aevitas, your first workouts with us will be in a ViTaFIT class. ViTaFIT is a program that can be implemented in 45 minutes (compared to the traditional hour-long CrossFit class), and is action-packed with many exciting (and functional!) movements. The workouts, like CrossFit, are universally scaleable to any fitness level and background. The movements are somewhat simple in nature and involve body weight, dumbells, kettlebells, torpedos, resistance bands, boxes, cardio machines, gymnastics rings, and pull-up bars. Like CrossFit, every day is different and exciting, so you will never get bored. Also like CrossFit, the intent is to add (or subtract) intensity to match your own capability and goals. And finally, just like our CrossFit program, there is a coach with you every step of the way, ensuring you are performing the movements with correct technique and intensity so that you get the most out of every single workout.

ViTaFIT classes are simple, but definitely cannot be described as easy. Just ask any of our ViTaFIT or CrossFit athletes who have been through a grueling 45-minute ViTaFIT session!

Our intent with the ViTaFIT program is to create a workout regimen that you can follow indefinitely, just like CrossFit. Since the movements (and repetitions) can be scaled up or down to meet your needs, you’ll never have a workout that’s not specifically programmed for you. However, at some point, you may want to take your increased work capacity gained through the ViTaFIT program and try your hand at our bread-and-butter CrossFit program. If that is you, keep reading to learn how to make the leap!

Transitioning from ViTaFIT to CrossFit

First of all, the question that we get a lot: Does everyone have to transition from ViTaFIT to CrossFit? And the answer is absolutely NOT. The ViTaFIT program is created to be a stand-alone regimen, and the intensity can be scaled to allow even the most seasoned athletes to gain a higher level of fitness. However, in some cases athletes decide that they want to try out the “deep end” of our CrossFit program - and that’s great too!

If you are in our ViTaFIT program and are thinking about giving CrossFit a try, let a coach know! There is some work that needs to be done to close the gap between the ViTaFIT movements and CrossFit movements, which is where the CrossFit OnRamp course comes in. But before we get to the mechanics of the course, let’s first look at what your reasons/thoughts might be that lead you to wanting to give CrossFit a try.

How to know if you’re ready to transition

Use the questions below to discover if you’re “ready” for CrossFit (hint: CrossFit is infinitely scale-able as well, so everyone is “ready”), and if the OnRamp course is right for you

How often are you coming to ViTaFIT classes, currently?

Do you attend 3-4 days per week, and wish there were even more opportunities to attend? If this is the case, transitioning to CrossFit opens up more opportunities within the week to get your fitness on!

Or, are you unable to attend as much as you’d like because of the somewhat limited ViTaFIT schedule? If that’s the case, transitioning to CrossFit might be the right path to take to allow for more training time within a busy schedule.

How intense are you making the ViTaFIT workouts?

When asked to use a Torpedo, are you choosing 10-15lb, or going with 20lb or more? What about medicine balls - choosing the 8 or 10, or have you moved up to the 14/20?

NOTE: You can absolutely complete CrossFit workouts with 10lb dumbells and the 8lb medicine ball! This question is primarily to gauge whether it’s just more intensity you want (which can be achieved in ViTaFIT by adding weight, moving more quickly through the workouts, etc.)

How much do you value instruction/coaching time within the workout?

In ViTaFIT, the instruction/coaching is somewhat limited to the coach demonstrating the movements, maybe practicing a bit, and then going into the workout, with the coach correcting form along the way to keep you safe and keep the workout effective.

In CrossFit, due to the higher-skill and higher-risk aspects of many of the movements, much more time is spent on instruction and practice of the movements (especially barbell and gymnastic movements). If this does not appeal to you, and you’d rather just come in and get a good sweat on for 30+ straight minutes, ViTaFIT may be a better choice. If you’re starving for more knowledge, come on over to the CrossFit side and you’ll never be wanting - there’s so much to learn!

What are your fitness goals?

If your goals are general, ViTaFIT programming can and should be able to get you there. Modest and sustainable strength/endurance gains and weight loss should be a hallmark of any successful training program. These can be achieved in BOTH our ViTaFIT and CrossFit programs, provided you’re also focused on the other aspects of your health, like proper nutrition, sleep, and stress management

Higher-level strength gains, however, are more likely to occur in CrossFit, because we have more opportunity to increase the weight intensity of movements once we start adding the resistance of heavy kettlebells, sandbags, and barbells. Also, higher-level skill goals can be achieved in CrossFit over ViTaFIT. Want pull-ups, muscle-ups, rope climbs, handstands? CrossFit is where to go on your skill-acquisition journey.

Steps to take

If you’ve determined through the questions above that you are in fact ready for the next step towards CrossFit, let’s get you started on that path!


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