Heat Up Your Recovery Routine with IR Sauna!

Karen Southwick
March 21, 2023
Heat Up Your Recovery Routine with IR Sauna!

We are pleased to announce that we finally have an infrared sauna at BOTH Aevitas locations!  And we want to invite you to try them out and add some heat therapy to your recovery routine!


What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared Sauna is a sauna that uses light energy (in the infrared spectrum) to heat you up, instead of the traditional use of steam heated by a furnace or fire.  Infrared saunas heat your body directly, without heating the air around you to the same extent.  An infrared sauna can give you the same benefits of a traditional sauna at lower temperatures.  While traditional steam saunas usually operate between 150 and 190 degrees F, infrared saunas operate effectively between 110 and 150 degrees F.


What are the benefits?

The benefits of regular sauna or heat therapy are comprehensive. While in the sauna, you will experience an increase in heart rate and sweat production, much like a moderate workout would produce.  The deep penetration of the infrared rays in an IR sauna actually promotes more sweating than traditional saunas, which helps increase blood flow.  Increased blood flow not only aids in muscle recovery and overall relaxation, but can also help lower blood pressure over time, and your support immune system and natural detoxification processes.


What are the precautions?

As with anything that heats up your body and promotes sweat production, it’s important to be well hydrated if you plan on using the sauna.  If you’re not receiving adequate hydration, your workouts and recovery will suffer, and the sauna will not only be less beneficial, but in extreme cases can cause unnecessary risk of dehydration.  So keep that water intake up, people!

Pregnant women, especially within the first trimester, should limit sauna exposure due to the slight increase in risk of birth defects.  Please consult with your OB or healthcare professional before using, and limiting the sessions to 10 minutes no more than 4 times per week is a good precaution.

Other heat-sensitive individuals, such as people with adrenal suppression and multiple sclerosis, may need to limit sauna exposure.  Again, please consult with your healthcare provider about any concerns you may have


How do I use the Sauna in the gym?

Easy!  For now, the saunas will run on a first-come, first-served basis.  If there is a lot of continued interest, we may set up a more legitimate sign-up system in the future.  But for now, feel free to try it out!


Steps to use the sauna:

  1. Add your name to the “next in line” list posted outside of the sauna room.  Yes, we’re operating this exactly like a frat house pong tournament, for now. You’re welcome 😊
  2. Ensure the sauna is turned on 10-20min before you plan to use it.  These IR saunas take a little while to heat up, and you want it hot!  To turn on, press the power button and then the “start” button.  The temperature should say 151 (the maximum setting), and the timer should say 90. If not, add temperature and time using the arrow buttons.
  3. When it’s your turn, enter the sauna, make sure it’s turned on and there is adequate time remaining on the countdown clock, and relax!  Set a timer for 20-30 minutes, either on your own or using the machine's internal timer (see not below about phones & devices in the sauna)
  4. Upon leaving the sauna, please use the cleaning materials provide to wipe down your spot.  If there is someone coming in after you, please ensure the timer has more than 20min left (if not, you can add time, or re-start the sauna to reset to 90min)
  5. If you are the last person using the sauna for the evening, please ensure that the power is turned off when you leave!



Some other notes:


Clothing – ideally, you want as much skin exposed as possible while using an infrared sauna, as the infrared rays penetrate your skin to heat you up.  HOWEVER, please cover yourself appropriately!  Due to safety concerns, we will be leaving the doors to the sauna rooms unlocked.  Therefore please wear enough clothing so that if one of our coaches comes in to check on you, no one is embarrassed!


Cleaning – we will be disinfecting the saunas on a regular basis, when they are turned off.  For individual use, please make sure to wipe down the bench and any other areas you may have left sweat.  No one wants to come in and sit on your sweat puddle (gross!!)


Bring a towel – to help keep the sauna clean between uses, we highly recommend bringing in a small towel to sit on during your session.  You don’t want to block any of the infrared rays coming from the walls, but a towel will give you a more comfortable seat, as well as absorb your sweat and make the after-session cleaning that much easier!


Sign-up sheet – please use the sign-up sheet.  If you’re next in line, stay close by so that you can hop in right when the person before you is done with their session.  Once you finish your session, please cross off your name, and check the next name on the list.  If possible, track that person down (hopefully they’re close by!) so that they know their turn is up!


Phones and electronics – While infrared saunas are generally safer on electronic devices than traditional steam saunas due to the less humid air, the heat of the sauna may cause your battery to drain, as well as damage your device over time.  If you plan to use the sauna regularly, it would be a good idea to keep your phone and other electronic devices out of the sauna.  If you want your phone inside with you, do your best to shield it from the heat, by keeping it under your towel.  Plus, it’s easier to relax when you’re not distracted!

We are excited to have this recovery option available to you at both of our locations! Please try it out and let us know what you think!

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