RR.3: "Eleven" - Workout Description and Details!

Karen Southwick
November 22, 2022
RR.3: "Eleven" - Workout Description and Details!

With the Return of the Rumble just THREE weeks away, it's time to announce all the details of our third workout, "Eleven".  

This post will outline everything you need to know about the third event of the day.  Keep reading to learn about the workout and how it'll be judged, then get your team together and start practicing!

Workout Flow and General Rules

At 3, 2, 1, Go:

The two male team members will start accumulating calories on the Ski Erg, switching as needed.

Simultaneously, the two female team members will work together to complete one full round of the Toes-to-Bar, Thrusters, Bar Muscle-ups, and Thrusters. The two female athletes working together may split the reps however they want; only one athlete working at a time.

Once the female members have completed one full round, the entire team will switch, with the females now accruing calories on the Ski Erg, and the males completing one full round of the gymnastic and DB movements.

After each gender pair has completed a full round, teams may switch who is on the Ski Erg and who is on the AMRAP however they deem appropriate for the remaining time. Gender pairs must stay together at all times.


Each team will have a score for their total calories accumulated on the Ski Erg, and a score for the total reps completed in the AMRAP.

Division Requirements

Movement Standards

Dumbbell Thruster

Each athlete must take both dumbbells from the floor to the front rack position.  They must squat until their hip crease is below parallel.  The first rep from the floor may be squat cleaned.  A rep is complete when the athlete’s knees, hips, and elbows are locked out with both dumbbells overhead.  Dumbbells must not be dropped at all….athletes must keep their hands on the dumbbells to the floor. Dropping the dumbbells will result in a no-rep that must be repeated.   

Toes-to-bar (Rx and Masters)

CrossFit Open T2B standard (link)

Knee Raises (Scaled)

Athlete’s feet must pass behind the vertical plane of the pull-up bar.  The repetition is complete when the athlete’s heels are pulled above the bottom of their hips (aka athlete's butt is the lowest point).

Bar Muscle Up (Rx)

CrossFit Open BMU standard (link)

Chest-to-bar Pull-ups (Masters)

CrossFit Open C2B standard (link)

Devil’s Press (Scaled)

Athletes may jump or step feet back into the bottom of a burpee, with hands on dumbbell handles until chest and thighs touch the floor. Chest must land between the two dumbbells. To stand, athletes may jump or step their feet forward towards the dumbbells, and can snatch or swing the dumbbells from between the legs to raise the dumbbells overhead in one fluid motion. Rep is complete when knees, hips, and elbows are locked out with dumbbells overhead. 

Overall Event Details and Team Registration

Have you not signed up yet? GET GOING! Find full event day details and registration links in the post linked below.

2022 Return of the Rumble Event Details and Registration

Also don't forget to follow along on Social Media to get all of the details as they are released!

Good luck, everyone!

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