Katiuska Gamez

Katiuska Gamez


Same year I compete in Daytona Beach and I was able to PR my OHS with 175 for 3 reps. Pretty amazing for me.


CrossFit level 2 certification

Gymnastics course certification

CrossFit training master certification

About Coach

I have always played sports I really enjoyed doing them. Before CF I was a rugby player I belonged to the national team from Venezuela for 6 years and I had the opportunity to move to Brazil and play as a professional there. Through all these years I discovered that I like to help people through the exercises not just for them to be able to move better but also to make better choices about nutrition and now CF has taught me many things, especially it has given me the tools to help more people to improve their lifestyle.

Turning Point

Maintaining a balance between exercise, food, and my social life has always been one of the most difficult things. But I try to see each day as a new opportunity to improve my nutrition. some days are more difficult or easier than others so I push to surround myself with positive people and that's why I go to the gym every day. I can find support through the community.

Motivation & Passion

I feel a lot of gratification when I see people trying to be better and I like being able to be part of that. I would like to teach people to have some of the passion and motivation that I have. I would like to be able to move through the years still feeling good without having to depend on medications and I think it is never will late to start doing something to make that possible.

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