Lexi Nelson

Lexi Nelson


I love being upside down and on my hands. I am proud that 20 years later I can still be gymnasty!


Original Strength Certification

Power Monkey (Gymnastics & Weightlifting) Seminars

The Movement Fix Seminar

Bachelors & Masters in Education

Working on my Administrative Leadership Certification

About Coach

I've been in the CrossFit/Fitness community for 8 years. It started as a way to exercise with my best friend and morphed into something I cannot live without. I met my husband through this community and have met so many awesome people along the way. I did competitive cheerleading growing up and found CrossFit right at the tail end of that.

Turning Point

I knew I had to find a new sense of team after retiring my cheerleading sneakers. The CrossFit community gives me that team adrenaline rush I crave.

Motivation & Passion

I love teaching in all aspects. I teach 5th grade during the day but love being able to coach adults in the evening. I've been coaching for 5 years and it never gets old watching people accomplish their goals in and out of the gym!

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