Alyssa Garrison

Alyssa Garrison


Snatch: 140 lbs

Clean and Jerk: 180 lbs

Front squat: 205 lbs

2019 women's 55kg NYS Champion


CrossFit level 1 certified trainer

CrossFit level 1 certified trainer

USA W level 1 coach certification

USAW athlete rep for the NY WSO

About Coach

I started playing softball at four years old and through the end of my collegiate career, much of my life revolved around sport. Through this, I spent a lot of time with my coaches. Knowing how big of an impact each of my coaches had on my life is what made me realize I wanted to coach athletes one day. While trying to become stronger for softball, I found CrossFit in 2015 and fell in love with it right away. Once I became a bit more seasoned in CrossFit and the community became my family, I knew I wanted to coach it. Becoming a coach allowed me to learn better movement patterns, become a stronger and healthier version of myself, and then help others do the same for themselves.

Turning Point

The enemy of my life journey has definitely been my internal doubt and mental toughness. Being<br /> an athlete my whole life, this was something I thought I fixed when I was younger. Once I<br /> started seriously competing in Olympic weightlifting is when I discovered my mental game still<br /> needed a lot of work. I was definitely my own biggest enemy. There were multiple instances that<br /> I started to realize this, but one particular meet comes to mind when I think about my turning<br /> point.<br /> After competing at University Nationals in 2018 I took a lot of time for self-reflection. I had trained for that meet for a very long time, my coach and I flew across the country, I saved my money to be able to make the trip happen, and I had a lot of people in my life helping and supporting me to get there. Unfortunately, the meeting did not go as planned. I was extremely disappointed in myself, to say the least. My initial reaction in my head was to blame everything else. The trip, the bright lights, the time of lifting, basically anything I could think of. Don’t get me wrong, I still was disappointed in myself, but without even realizing it I was creating all of these excuses for why my performance turned out that way. In reality, the reason I didn’t perform as we had hoped was largely due to my mental strength at the time. This was my first big weightlifting meet. My internal doubt snuck up on me in the back room during warm-ups Weights that normally felt light for me were feeling heavier or off. All of a sudden I was letting every single thing get into my head. I changed my attitude, the way I approached the barbell, and everything I was doing. I was not able to handle one bit of adversity and I know this had a large impact on my performance that day. This is still a work in progress for me, but that is to be expected. What matters most to me now is continuing to improve my mental strength and ability to adapt and overcome adversity. When I get frustrated or hit a rough patch, I look at how far I have come and use that as motivation to keep going.

Motivation & Passion

I am impassioned to serve individuals of all ability levels looking to better themselves. I love helping athletes achieve more efficient movement patterns, become stronger, healthier, and happier human beings. Making a positive impact on people’s lives, helping them to reach their goals, and being able to be a part of their journey is what motivates me to keep coaching.

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