Karen Southwick

Karen Southwick


270lb Deadlift; 230lb Back Squat; Marathon runner; dog, cat, and chicken mom


CrossFit Level 1 Certification; CrossFit Level 2 Certification; CrossFit Kids Certification

About Coach

I grew up playing team sports, and try to approach every challenge in and out of the gym with a do-it-together mentality. I strongly believe that the support of those around you is just as important as your personal strength when struggling through a grueling workout. And also, I like to have fun! Whether in the gym or adventuring outside, I'm usually having the time of my life.

Turning Point

After graduating college where I played both soccer and lacrosse, I began running to stay in shape. I trained for and completed a marathon, but I soon felt a bit lost. Running was fun, and running races kept me engaged, but it was NOT like playing on a team and being a part of something "bigger". On top of that, I was looking for something that challenged me in different ways. Luckily, that's right when Chad and I took our first CrossFit class. We started in October 2011, and 10 years and two gyms later, we haven't fallen out of love with the CrossFit methodology yet!

Motivation & Passion

I'm motivated to be a source of support for everyone who comes into our gym. I loved my time in team sports mostly because a team shares common goals and struggles, and helping each other shine allows the whole time to rise. I believe that the same sentiment can be practiced in every avenue of life. Some people come into our gym not knowing where to start. Some people come in with years of experience but need motivation and direction to get back on track to their fitness goals. Whatever the scenario, my goal is to be there as part of a team of support, helping lift everyone up, so that we all rise together!

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