Kevin Drown

Kevin Drown


Recent notable athletic achievements:
2021 Summer Swolstice Competitor- Rx Partner Division
2nd place finish 2020 Round Lake Crossfit Triathlon Sprint
Far Shot Axe throwing birthday party champion
3x Shenendehowa SFA Senate Dodgeball Champion


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

CrossFit’s Online Scaling Course, Dumbbells Course, Spot the Flaw Course, Anatomy Course, Running Course, and Master’s Course

NYS Dept. of Ed. Philosophy, Principals, and Organization of Athletics Ed.
NYS Dept. of Ed. Health Sciences Applied to Coaching
NYS Dept. of Ed. Theory and Techniques of Coaching

About Coach

Sports have always played an important role in my life. I lettered in three varsity sports in high school: Football, basketball, and baseball. Our football team won the 2008 NYS Class C Section IX Championship and our basketball team won the 2007-2008 NYS Class NYS Class C Section IX Championship and Regional Championship.<br /> <br /> My high school coaches had a profound impact on my development as a person. I always knew I wanted to coach and try to have a similar impact on others. When I got hired at Shenendehowa as a social studies teacher, the opportunity presented itself for me to begin coaching at the high school level. That eventually led to me coaching and developing players in various camps and clinics.<br /> <br /> I have always tried to focus on the fundamentals behind the specific movements of the sports I coach. When I started doing CrossFit, I realized the tremendous benefits that this style of training can have on athletes at any age. As I have continued to work on my own fitness, I have become more focused on movement efficiency that allows athletes to perform at a higher level and prevent injuries. I now get to use what I learn in the world of CrossFit and fitness with my high school athletes and vice-versa.

Turning Point

I grew up in a competitive environment, so it is hard to decide where my love for sports and competition began. I am a triplet, so for as long as I can remember I was competing with my siblings. My brother and I, in particular, constantly competed and played sports alongside each other. We were forever seeing who could hit a ball farther, run faster, jump higher, etc.<br /> <br /> Although I cannot pinpoint where my passion began, I do recall significant words I received when I was in junior high that I can still hear in the middle of a difficult WOD. These words came from my Varsity basketball coach. He would say: “When you think you can’t, your body can push harder.” I have always enjoyed pushing my own limits and trying new things. It is why I enjoy CrossFit and everything from hiking to golf.<br /> <br /> When I turned 30, I wanted to try CrossFit to provide an extra push for me in my fitness journey. It has become the avenue for me to continue to improve my fitness and wellness in a competitive and friendly environment. Perhaps, this is a turning point for me. The world of CrossFit opened my eyes to the ability to continue to learn and grow as an athlete. These are the lessons I want to impart on others as a CrossFit Coach.

Motivation & Passion

As a coach for more than 10 years, one of the things that I am most grateful for is the sheer number of incredible moments I get to take part in. Coaching baseball and football, I have been a part of some of the greatest ups and downs of many young athletes’ careers. It is through these experiences that we learn many important lessons. I have seen more game-winning hits and touchdowns, “web gem” plays on the diamond and game-saving tackles than most people are lucky to experience in a lifetime. I have even been fortunate enough to watch players drafted into professional sports and win world championships- events that people rarely get to be a part of. To see the benefits of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice is an incredible motivation. <br /> <br /> I have also been a part of season-ending injuries, tough losses, and tragedies that galvanize communities. In these moments, my purpose as a coach is more important- to help athletes cope and learn and grow from these experiences. To be able to help guide and mentor people through these experiences is my passion.<br /> <br /> In getting involved in CrossFit and the Aevitas community, I hoped that I could help people become more mobile, stronger, and more conditioned. But now, I am getting to see it is much more than that. Being a part of the excitement when an athlete establishes a new PR, learns a new skill, does an Rx workout they could not do before, or simply crushing a workout is incredible motivation. The relationships and community that is created when people are goal-oriented and motivated is second-to-none. <br /> <br /> The authenticity of these moments- the smiles and laughs and tears I have shared through the years and will continue to be a part of is a blessing and unique experience I would not find outside of coaching. Helping people become better versions of themselves is my purpose.

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