ADK Series II Weightlifting Meet Recap

Karen Southwick
June 7, 2023
ADK Series II Weightlifting Meet Recap

This past Saturday, June 3rd, Aevitas Fitness Round Lake hosted our second ADK Series Weightlifting event.  This event was a USA Weightlifting santioned event, and featured a few of our very own Aevitas Weightlifters!

We are so proud of every athlete who took on the platform this weekend. Below is a recap of the Aevitas Weightlifters who competed.

Session 1 - Women

For the Women's Session, Alana Rosanski represented Aevitas Weightlifting. Alana went three-for-three on the Snatch, with a maximum weight of 60kg. Then in the Clean & Jerk, Alana successfully lifted two of her three weights, bringing her Clean & Jerk max to 69kg. Alana ended the day with a 129kg total, and a Sinclair score of 153!

Session 2 - Men

The Men's session was dominated by Aevitas Weightlifters, with FOUR of our very own lifters competing!

First up for the Aevitas men is CJ Leisenfelder. CJ successfully completed all of his lift attempts, ending with a 105kg Snatch, 130kg Clean & Jerk, and 235kg Total. CJ actually WON the Men's session, with a Sinclair score of 273.2!

Sean Hnath successfully completed two out of three attempts in both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.  Sean ended the session with a 85kg Snatch, 131kg Clean & Jerk, and 216kg total. Sean's Sinclair score was 216, earning him the Silver medal!

Next up for the Aevitas Weightlifters was Tom Smalley.  Tom battled through the Snatch session, clinching a successful lift at 86kg on his final attempt. For the Clean & Jerk, Tom went two-for-three, acheiving 108kg, and clinching a Total of 194kg. Tom's Sinclair score was 225.5.

Finally, Adam Hawrylchak rounded out the Aevitas Weightlifting team, in his first ever weightlifting event! Adam went six-for-six in his lifting attempts, earning a 35kg Snatch, 51kg Clean & Jerk, and 86kg Total! Adam's Sinclair score was 110.6.

We would be remiss to not mention that the day itself went off without a hitch, thanks to Aevitas Weightlifting Coaches Sam, Chad, Alyssa, Owen, Brett, and Fen - as well as the several coaches, members, and volunteers who helped keep the bars cleaned and loaded and the lifters on track!  Thanks so much for all of your help!

Again, we are so proud of all of the lifters who competed last Saturday, and extremely proud of our own Aevitas Weightlifting Team!

What's next for the Aevitas Weightlifting Team? The Junior and U25 Nationals are going down in Colorado Springs June 28-30, and The New York State Championships will be held in Binghamton at the end of September.  Stay tuned for all the news and details!

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