Resolute PT Clinic at Aevitas Round Lake!

Karen Southwick
February 17, 2023
Resolute PT Clinic at Aevitas Round Lake!

We are excited to announce that Aevitas Round Lake will be hosting the Resolute PT team for the first in a series of PT clinics for athletes!

This first clinic will focus on the lower body, and will include instruction as well as break-out sessions so you can learn and experience tools that will help you move and feel better!

This clinic is being offered exclusively to Aevitas Fitness members, and is free to attend! So get signed up and get ready to learn!

Here are all the details you need:

Date: Saturday, February 25th

Time: 12:00 PM (immediately following Weightlifting class)

Location: Aevitas Fitness Round Lake (2101 US Rt 9, Round Lake NY)

Pros: Jaclyn and Katie from Resolute Physical Therapy

Registration (free)

What will be covered at the clinic:

Session one: Lower Extremity Edition

15-20 minutes explaining:

-arthrokinematics/arthropometrics w/ demonstration

-Muscle recruitment preference w/ demonstration

10-15 minutes breakout session with partner

-ROM ankle/knee/hip

-Recruitment of glute vs. HS vs. quads

10-15 minutes

-Drills for ROM/muscle recruitment

5-10 minutes wrap up with questions

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