2022 USAW Nationals Recap

Karen Southwick
November 22, 2022
2022 USAW Nationals Recap

Last week, several Aevitas Weightlifters took on theplatform at the USAW Nationals competition in Las Vegas.  We could not be more proud of this team ofathletes and the work they’ve put in to get to this level of competition!

Keep reading for a recap on how everyone did!


Alyssa Garrison

Alyssa was the first Aevitas athlete to take the platform on Tuesday afternoon.  Alyssa was able to put up a 57kg Snatch and 75kg Clean & Jerk, for a combined total of 132kg lifted!


Fen Dun

Fen lifted the next day, bright and early on Wednesday morning. Fen was able to go 5 for 6 in their lifts, completing a 61 kg Snatch and72 kg Clean & Jerk – leading to a total of 133kg!


Connor Lacey

Connor took on the Juniors stage Wednesday evening.  Connor completed a 105kg Snatch (a lifetime PR!) as well as a 128 kg Clean & Jerk(ALSO a lifetime PR!!) for a total of 233kg.


Owen Putman

Owen lifted Thursday afternoon, and was able to battle through a 115kg Snatch and a 142kg Clean& Jerk.  Owen’s total was 257 kg.


We are beyond proud of these athletes!  Getting to this level takes not only talent, but a TON of hard work and dedication to the training process!  These athletes put in the work!  Make sure to give them a congratulatory fist bump next time you see them in the gym!

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