Aevitas Coaches' Continuous Improvement

Karen Southwick
January 22, 2023
Aevitas Coaches' Continuous Improvement

Our Aevitas coaches work hard all year long - in the gym and out!

While you know how dedicated this team is to your fitness when you see them in class, did you also know that Aevitas coaches spend time each year accruing continuing education credits (CEUs) in fitness and related fields? We do this in order to bring the very best to you each and every day, and help the Aevitas fitness community grow stronger together!

Plus, we can't honestly encourage our athletes to learn and develop new skills if we aren't also doing so ourselves as a coaching team, right?!

Keep reading to learn what our coaches were up to in 2022, besides running killer workouts inside the gym walls.

CrossFit-Specific Education

Congratulations to Coach Chad on completing his CrossFit Level-3 Trainer Certification, as well as Coach Jazz for picking up his CrossFit Level-2!

These trainings are integral to how we run effective CrossFit classes day in and day out, and we are very proud to have an extremely well-credentialed team in this area!

Coach Chad also completed the CrossFit Anatomy course, and Chad, Dave, and Kevin completed the Judges Course earlier in the year.

Weightlifting (USAW) Education

We are so proud to have such a vibrant weightlifting community at Aevitas! This year several Aevitas Weightlifting coaches upped their credentials. Coaches Alyssa, Chad, Fen, and Owen all successfully completed the USA Weightlifting L-2 course this year.  Way to go, team!

Coach Sam also added to his own weightlifting resume, by completing the Weightlifting House online course in April.

New Skills, New Strengths

Not all the training our coaches complete has a "CrossFit" or "USAW" stamp on it - we also strive to complete other trainings and seminars that will help us become more well-rounded athletes and coaches!

In June, Coach Sam completed the online and in-person course from Garage Strength, and Coach Pick refreshed his running coaching game by completing the POSE Method Running Training course.

Coach Sam also became a fully-credentialed Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist in September of last year, which is a huge accomplishment!

Finally, coaches Cody, Dave, Karen, and Kevin all completed the Powermonkey Gymnastics course, hosted by Aevitas Fitness Round Lake in November

We are so proud of the team of coaches at Aevitas, who are always striving to be their very best in all aspects. Next time you see your favorite coach, make sure to congratulate them on a job well done in 2022! And, ask them what's next for them for continuing education in 2023!

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