Aevitas Fitness 2022 Charity Recap

Karen Southwick
January 1, 2023
Aevitas Fitness 2022 Charity Recap

What a fantastic year 2022 was for the Aevitas community! We came together to get stronger, fitter, and to help out our neighbors in need! Through various community charity events, this community was able to raise over $1,600 for multiple charities within the Capital Region. Keep reading for a full recap of our charitable events, and get ready - because 2023 is going to be just as busy!

2022 Aevitas Charity Event Recap

Memorial Day Murph (and Veteran's Day Hero WOD) - Wounded Warrior Project

In 2022 we continue our tradition of hosting the Hero WOD "Murph" on Memorial Day. A t-shirt pre-sale was open to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, and through that effort (and some day-of donations) we raised $635 for the WWP!

Again on Veteran's Day, we hosted a memorial WOD in honor of an Aevitas member's father. Through generous donations on that day, another $335 was sent to the Wounded Warrior Project, increasing our total contribution to $970 to this amazing cause!

Pride WOD with the Albany Knicks

In June we teamed up with the Albany Knicks women's rugby club to host a "Pride" WOD to support the LGBTQ+ community. This event was run by the Knicks, and was a lot of fun! We will plan to have a larger event in 2023 and can't wait!

Puppy Playdate - Mohawk Hudson Humane Society

The Puppy Playdate was originally scheduled for July... however extreme heat required us to postpone the event not once, but twice! Finally, we were able to host a fun obstacle race event in mid-October. Lots of furry friends came out to play, and we raised $150, plus a bunch of food and toy donations - all for the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.  This is another event we will definitely be bringing back in the year to come!

Halloween Costumes - Barbells for Boobs

Not much will be able to top our 2021 October extravaganza for Barbells for Boobs, but we opted for a lower-key version of the fundraiser this year. Instead of a month-long, multi-faceted event, we kept things simple and pledged to donate for every Aevitas member who dressed up for the workout on Halloween day.  And, of course, this community did not disappoint! In this one-day-only effort we were able to raise $150 for the Barbells for Boobs charity - all by just having a bit of fun!  

Skinner Memorial WOD - American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

We held with tradition this year for our annual Skinner Memorial WOD in December. Through t-shirt sales we raised $345, plus additional day-of donations to Sandra, the AFSP rep!

We're planning to change the date of our Skinner Memorial in 2023, to better align with the "Out of the Darkness" walk in September for the same cause. We'll keep you posted on the updates - and let us know if you have some great ideas to refresh this event next year!

Giving Trees - Local Food Pantries

Our final charity event of 2022 was the Giving Trees set up at both Aevitas locations. This year, we chose to use a "Reverse Advent" calendar to promote giving to our local food pantries. This one is difficult to count, because there were so many donations throughout the month of December that we had to take multiple trips to the food pantry!  We are overwhelmed by the support this event got, and we will definitely be bringing back the Giving Trees for years to come!

Thank you for all of your generosity in 2022! The Aevitas Fitness family is truly full of the very best people, and we are honored to be a part of it!

Let's make 2023 just as generous, shall we?!

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