Help Us Plan Our 10 Year Aevita-versary!

Karen Southwick
May 14, 2023
Help Us Plan Our 10 Year Aevita-versary!

This seems so crazy, but 2023 marks our TENTH year as a gym community! Totally nuts, right?!

We want to celebrate with all of you by hosting a weekend-long adventure in July, and we really hope that you can make it to some, if not ALL of the great events we are planning!

Our 10 Year Aevita-Versary Bash will be held the weekend of July 28-30. It will include camping, picnicking, hiking, and some other fun adventures (we need some help deciding!)

Keep reading to see our plans, and please respond to the linked surveys so we can start finalizing and booking the individual events!

Friday July 28 - Sunday July 30 - CAMPING!

We're really excited about this part, as it'll be the "home base" for all the other weekend activities. Also who doesn't love a good campfire and sleeping under the stars?!

Our plan is to reserve sites at either Morreau Lake or Luzerne campsite for the group of people.  We will do our best to get a cluster of sites right next to, or at least very close to one another. We can have up to six people, and two cars, at each campsite. If possible we may pair up smaller groups of people to share sites, so that we need fewer sites together to stay as a group.

This is the event that we really need a quick response on, as campsites fill up FAST! So if you're free and would like to camp with us, please fill out the survey below NO LATER THAN Friday, May 19th so that we can book sites!


We will pair people up as needed, and split the cost evenly among everyone.  Once sites are booked, you'll be responsible for your site fee (you will pay us).  Note that sites are $22/night, so total cost for each individual/small group will be ~$44, and possibly less if we can combine groups to share sites.

Want to camp but don't have gear? Let us know in the survey and we'll make sure to collaborate with the group to get you what you need!

Friday July 28 - Night On The Town in Saratoga

The idea with this event is just to get together in downtown Saratoga for an evening of food, drinks, and fun!  We can start with a group reservation at a pub or restaurant and then see where the night takes us!  The only formal thing will be if we have a large group, Chad and Karen will make a reservation somewhere.  But everyone will be responsible for their own food, drinks, and transportation.

Anyone camping over the weekend can get in on a carpool!

Nothing crazy here, but please let us know with the survey below if you'd like to join, and we will communicate with the group about details as the date gets closer.

Also please leave your recommendations for places to go (or at least start the evening), as Chad and Karen are not Saratoga regulars!


Saturday July 29 - Group Picnic (and possibly a hike)

We are still working out the details on this one, but on Saturday we'd like to host a group picnic of some sort. Possibly at a local beach or park (maybe even at the campsite), or at an establishment like a local brewery or winery that we can bring our own food to or that has a food truck.

Depending on location, we'd also like to include some sort of outdoor activity to this midday event. If we're at a beach or park, we can set up lawn games and possibly organize a kickball or volleyball game/tournament. If we choose a place without as much outdoor space, we may organize a morning hike to prime our appetites before feasting!

The survey below is a preliminary poll to see which ideas are most popular, and again get any suggestions for where we should go! Please keep in mind that our "home base" for the weekend will be up at one of the state parks, (Lake Morreau or Luzerne), so we're looking for locations somewhat near there.

Anyway, please help us decide with the (preliminary) survey below!


Sunday July 30 - Adventure Day

Finally, our epic weekend will culminate with an "Adventure Day", and we're SO excited for it! There are several options to choose from, so again we'd like some input on what to do!

Options that we've looked at so far are Lazy River Tubing, Whitewater Rafting, Ropes Course adventure, and Paintball.  We can do one or a combination!  If you have another great idea please share in the survey!

There is less of a time crunch on this one but we'd like to know what people want to do and are willing to pay for. We will do our best to get group discounts with whatever we do, but plan to pay your own way for these events.  When we organize the group and make the bookings, you will be able to pay us directly, and everyone will get whatever discount we can manage.

Please let us know via the survey what you'd really like to partake in.  Whatever we get the best response for, we'll start to organize!  Please note that we will communicate the final invites for the Adventure Day activity/activities to everyone, so everyone has a chance to sign up!


Thanks for helping us make these very important decisions! Much more communication to come - we cannot wait to celebrate withe everyone!

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