Help Us Plan Our 2022 Events!

November 22, 2022
Help Us Plan Our 2022 Events!

It's that time of year again! Time to take stock of all the craziness from the previous year and distill it into some lessons learned and future plans! This year, we'd like some help from you, our community, on what to focus our efforts on with our events and charitable causes.

Throughout 2021, we held many events, challenges, etc. to benefit several charitable causes. We recapped all of these events, and you can check out the full 2021 summary on the blog via the link below.

2021 Aevitas Events REcap

Aevitas Events 2021-2022 Survey

As we charge into 2022, we want to create an Aevitas Events Calendar that reflects the events that YOU find most engaging. And we want to support charitable causes that YOU find most worthwhile. To do this, we've created a survey that goes through all of our 2021 events.

Within the survey, you'll have the opportunity to provide your honest evaluation and feedback on all of our 2021 charity events. You can rate how every event went overall, as well as provide any specific feedback (good or bad!) that will help us make our events better in the future.

At the end of the survey, there are questions for you to indicate what other types of events you'd like to see, and what causes you'd really like to support. All of the questions are optional, so if you don't have any feedback on a certain event, just skip it!

Please take a moment and give us your thoughts via the survey link below. If possible, we'd love to get everyone's feedback by Wednesday, January 19th!

Aevitas Events 2021 - 2022 survey

We've said it before, and I'm sure we'll say it again and again - NONE of our events, or anything we do, would be possible without your support! So thank you, as always for being such an amazing community. 2022, here we come!

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