Join the Moreau July Adventure Orienteering Challenge!

Karen Southwick
July 26, 2023
Join the Moreau July Adventure Orienteering Challenge!

We are making the final preparations for our 10 Year Aevita-versary Weekend Extravaganza as we speak! We are planning on so many fun activities, from camping to a night out in Saratoga, a pot-luck picnic, and even an ADK Extreme adventure course group outing!

But just in case all of that is not enough, Bernie has set up an Orienteering Challenge course around Moreau Lake for anyone who's interested in participating!

You can complete the course (or portions of the course) in whatever order you'd like, whenever you'd like, over the course of the next week. To complete the challenge, you must successfully navigate to all eight checkpoints, and copy down each checkpoint's specific "code" as proof that you were there!

There are multiple options for completing the course.  You may download the Avenza app, which will show you both your exact GPS location, along with the direction you're currently travelling. Or, print out the course map and dust off those compass reading skills!

Check out all the details of the challenge at the link below.  Then grab a buddy (or a few) and get out there!  Happy adventuring!

Moreau July Adventure Orienteering Challenge

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