Leaky Lifting Women's Clinic with Resolute PT!

Karen Southwick
May 22, 2023
Leaky Lifting Women's Clinic with Resolute PT!

Dr. Jaclyn and Dr. Katie from Resolute PT have an exclusive invitation for all you fabulous ladies who've ever faced the challenge of leakage during your lifting, jumping rope, box jumps, or any other part of your CrossFit journey.

We totally get it—this might be a topic that makes you blush, but guess what? It's a common issue in our sport. Most women are led to believe that it's normal to experience leaks when lifting heavy, especially after becoming a mom.

Well, here's the truth: leaking is common but NOT normal, and we're here to help you tackle it head-on. Forget the old advice about doing endless Kegels because, honestly, that might just make things worse.

As dedicated CrossFitters, doctors of physical therapy, and moms ourselves, we've walked a mile in your sneakers. So let's join forces and learn how to conquer this challenge once and for all!

Oh, and did we mention the best part? We'll be serving up some fine wine to accompany our evening workshop. That's right, ladies—get ready for a night of vaginas and vino!

Mark your calendars and bring your lifting buddies along because this workshop is going to be a blast. Let's laugh, learn, and lift without worrying about leaks. See you there!

Event Details:

Date: Friday, June 9th

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Aevitas Fitness Round Lake

Sign up Link: HERE

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