Power Monkey Gymnastics Clinic Coming to Aevitas!

Karen Southwick
September 14, 2023
Power Monkey Gymnastics Clinic Coming to Aevitas!

We are so excited to be hosting Dave Durante and the Power Monkey crew for a Gymnastics Course in just over a month!  Keep reading to get all the details, and see you at Aevitas on Sunday, October 22nd!

Details at a Glance:

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: Aevitas Fitness - Guilderland (1 Charles Blvd. Guilderland NY 12084)

Registration: $299 - LINK HERE

This will be our second time hosting this Power Monkey clinic at Aevitas (last year we were at the Round Lake location). We hope to build on everything we learned last year, upping our gymnastic game to brand new levels!

If you weren't able to attend last year, we hope you are able to come join us this year! The day is so much fun, and there is so much learning!

The course runs a full day, beginning with a coach-led warm-up to get our joints moving and grooving. Following the warm-up we spend time learning how to properly work into a handstand hold and handstand push-ups!

After a lunch break, the afternoon is all about rig- and ring-based movements.  We will spend a lot of time learning pull-up technique and work that into the ever-elusive muscle-ups!

If you are interested in advancing your gymnastics knowledge and skill base, and want to improve and learn from the very best, you should join us!  It doesn't matter if you have zero push-ups or can walk on your hands for a football field - there's something in this course for every level!

Check out all the details and get yourself signed up with the link below.

Power Monkey Gymnastics Course at Aevitas Fitness

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