Spartan Sundays are Back at Aevitas Round Lake!

Karen Southwick
March 21, 2023
Spartan Sundays are Back at Aevitas Round Lake!

If you are thinking about running your first (or 100th...) obstacle race this year, and you're looking for a way to practice obstacles, learn new skills, work hard, and have a blast... look no further than the Aevitas Spartan Sunday classes!

These classes are a little bit different each time, but all consist of a roughly 90 min workout that is scalable for all fitness and experience levels.  So whether you are looking to run your first race, or you're trying to up your game for your 100th race - you are welcome to join!

All workouts consist of strength training, obstacle practice, and cardio.  The main focus of the workouts is endurance, something that you're definitely going to need out there on the course!

Spartan Sunday classes are open to all Aevitas members. If you'd like to bring a friend who is not a member, they will need to sign a waiver and pay the standard $20 drop-in fee. Talk to a coach to get that squared away before you come, so it's easy to just get started at the beginning of class.

Check out the pictures below for a snapshot of the cool things we do during #SpartanSunday, and keep your eyes out for our next meeting!

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