Thankful For: YOU! And, Apple Pie

November 22, 2022
Thankful For: YOU! And, Apple Pie

The Thanksgiving holiday is a wonderful time to take a step back and remember all the things you're grateful for. And, in case we don't tell you enough, we are EXTREMELY grateful for you, our Aevitas family!

This year and every year, you bring smiles to our faces while challenging us to continuously improve. This community works so dang hard inside the gym. We love seeing all the progress made, from first pull-ups and handstands, to new PR Deadlifts and Snatches, to crushing Girl and Hero WODs regularly!

Outside the gym, we know that you carry this same go-getter attitude with you wherever you go. Which is, in a word, awesome! Not only that, but the amount that this community is willing to give - whether it be time or money or energy to our local charity causes, does NOT go unnoticed!

We are continually amazed by all of you, and always thankful that we have each and every one of you in our lives. So, thank you for - being YOU!

You know what else we're thankful for?? Apple Pie, duh!

This year, Karen got a chance to practice her hand by making pies for our October Charity effort benefitting Barbells for Boobs. We think the final product she came up with is worth sharing - so whether you ordered a pie in October or not, you now have the chance to enjoy your very own apple creation!

Get the full recipe below, which is a combination of internet searches, the wisdom of Karen's mom (an apple pie master!), and some good old-fashioned kitchen tinkering! Enjoy!

Karen's Apple Pie - Full Recipe

This recipe is really made up of 3 parts: the Apple Pie Spice, the Filling, and the Crust! We'll also include here our standard Crumble Topping recipe, for Dutch Apple Pies and Apple Crisps.

A note: Pies take a lot of steps to make, but none of them are that difficult, and we believe the end results are worth it! If this looks intimidating, know that you can do pretty much everything ahead of time and just assemble and bake when ready to eat. The filling can be saved by canning or freezing, and the pie crust can be refrigerated or frozen (just wrap it well first). Good luck!

Apple Pie Spice

OK, so full disclosure here: I'm not *entirely sure about the quantities on this. Remember that "kitchen tinkering" we mentioned above? Yeah, this was what we tinkered with. I'll share where I started, and then how I came up with the final spice mix that I used for all of the pies this year (I made a big batch).

Ingredients (this is for the big batch):


To use: Add ~1 Tbs per big batch of pie filling, or just add ~1tsp at a time to the filling or crumble topping until it tastes right :)

Apple Pie Filling

We decided to go with a canning-safe filling recipe since we had so many apples! We ended up canning enough pie filling to make 6 or 7 more pies throughout the year (!) That said, you may or may not want to go this complex with the filling if you're only making 1 pie. The recipe below is for the "big" batch (~4 pies), so just cut it down if you need less filling. Or make it all and put it up in cans or freeze it for later!



Pie Crust

This is literally the simplest thing that I never knew was so simple! You can add sugar/spices to the crust if you want but I did not.

Note: I scaled this up to make a batch that would cover the order for the week. I scaled this from 4 crusts to 10, and the ratios worked really well!

Ingredients (for ONE crust - scale as needed):


Crumble Topping

This is an easy one! Use this to top a Dutch Apple Pie, or use this without a bottom crust for an Apple Crisp. I make this gluten-free by pulsing 1/2 cup of oats into a "flour" first, then adding the other ingredients. You may also just use 1/2 cup flour instead



Final Assembly and Baking

Something I learned: It is very hard to over-bake a fruit pie, so leave it in the oven as long as you can stand to get the bottom crust fully baked! If needed, you can tent foil on top so the top crust doesn't over-brown. I don't usually use a baking timer, but the pies I made generally took 60-90 minutes.

Welp, you now know as much as we know about apple pies :) We hope you try this recipe out as a special treat someday! And let us know how yours turns out!

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