Welcome New Aevitas Athletes!

Karen Southwick
August 18, 2023
Welcome New Aevitas Athletes!

If you have the feeling that there are a LOT of new faces at Aevitas lately, you're not crazy!  This summer we have gained some awesome new members, as well as former members who have returned to their pursuit of fitness!  We're so excited to have them on this fitness journey with us!

Below are some of the new people you might see putting it all out there on the gym floor next to you.  Make sure you say hi and let them know we're all in this together!

Though, deep down we know you won't have any trouble getting to know these new people. After all, Aevitas is THE friendliest fitness community out there, thanks to all of you welcoming every new face you see!  So don't stop now, go and say hi and meet your new gym besties!

New Aevitas Athletes - June


Eric Patton (CrossFit)

Tanjia Maynard (ViTaFIT)

Luciano Camuglia (ViTaFIT)

Rajitha Vadluri (ViTaFIT)

Stephanie McHugh (ViTaFIT)

Alicia Hazen (ViTaFIT)

Bob Cahee (CrossFit) - welcome back!

JJ Mazone (CrossFit) - welcome back!

Round Lake

Anthony Mills (CrossFit)

Christopher Pomerville (CrossFit)

Stephanie Mena Burgos (CrossFit)

Zoe Fergeson (Weightlifting) - welcome back!

Juliette Gaudier-Jabaut (CrossFit) - welcome back!

New Aevitas Athletes - July


Grady Abbasi (ViTaFIT) *Aevitas' youngest current member!

Mandy Ingraham (CrossFit)

Daniel Vallejo (ViTaFIT)

Candace Teague (CrossFit)

Samuel Viscio (ViTaFIT) - welcome back!

Round Lake

Ernie Yue (ViTaFIT)

Nicole Allen (CrossFit)

Corey Streater (CrossFit)

Nicolas Van Vorst (CrossFit)

Lamine Diallo (ViTaFIT)

Lynn Delurey (CrossFit)

Joshua Mott (CrossFit)

Alex Athanassiadis (Weightlifting)

Mary Rommer (CrossFit)

New Aevitas Athletes - August (so far...)


Alyssa Hackett (CrossFit)

Round Lake

Derek Loomis (CrossFit)

Larry Clow (CrossFit) - welcome back!

Our Aevitas family is literally always growing, and we are so very proud to have such an awesome and vibrant fitness community!  Thanks for all you do, and keep it up!

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