September Bring A Friend Week at Aevitas!

Karen Southwick
September 14, 2023
September Bring A Friend Week at Aevitas!

Bring a Friend Week is coming back to Aevitas at the end of the month!

We would like to formally invite you to bring your friends/family/neighbors/coworkers/etc. to check out our CrossFit and ViTaFIT programs, and see for themselves how fun getting fit can be!

This quarter's Bring A Friend Week will go down from Wednesday, September 27th through Sunday, October 1st. During this time, all of our regularly-scheduled CrossFit and ViTaFIT classes will be open to Free Trial attendance. We will have some really fun workouts planned, so you won't want to miss them!

How to Get Into Bring A Friend Week

Here's how to get your friend(s) into the March Bring A Friend Week event at Aevitas:

Reminder: during Bring A Friend Week, guests are welcome to attend ViTaFIT or CrossFit classes. If you'd like to bring a friend with you to ViTaFIT, you're welcome to do that at any time using the same steps outlined above!



Some Helpful Tips for your Friends

As you may remember from your first days at the gym, sometimes starting something new is scary! That's why we host Bring A Friend week events, so we can help people feel more comfortable coming to the gym that first time.

To help your buddy feel even more confident walking into the gym on Bring A Friend Week, here is a simple checklist for them:

We can't wait to meet your friends/family/coworkers/etc in a few weeks! If you have any questions in the meantime, please reach out to a coach.

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